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Birth of the faulthandler project

In 2008, I wrote a proof-of-concept to test that it is possible to continue the execution of a program after a segmentation fault: stack.c. The operating system sends a synchronous SIGSEGV signal to the process which can handle it. Using … Continue reading

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Presentation of the pysandbox project

Created in february 2010, pysandbox is an experimental project trying to create a sandbox for Python. It is based on a earlier project called, written by Tav in february 2009. pysandbox uses different security models to get the best … Continue reading

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The IPy Python module moved to

In October 2010, I moved the IPy Python module (Python class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks) from my (old) company website to I did that to accept more easily new contributions (github is … Continue reading

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