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I am looking for a C/Python developer position

I am looking for a home based developer position, if possible with free softwares. If you are looking for a C and Python expert (over 5 years experience), I’m your guy! I have been working at EdenWall Technologies forĀ 5 years, … Continue reading

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Birth of the faulthandler project

In 2008, I wrote a proof-of-concept to test that it is possible to continue the execution of a program after a segmentation fault: stack.c. The operating system sends a synchronous SIGSEGV signal to the process which can handle it. Using … Continue reading

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I am writing a book: Programming with Unicode

In past years, I tried twice to write a book. The first time, 5 years ago, an editor contacted me in a hurry, wanting a book explaing how to learn Python by examples, a 300-pages book with many Windows screenshots. … Continue reading

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Share my configuration files with Mercurial

Since two years, I get regularly angry because my different computers have not the same configuration, especially for bash, vim and some development tools. An (ex)colleague showed me its central repository to share his configuration files on all of his … Continue reading

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Presentation of the pysandbox project

Created in february 2010, pysandbox is an experimental project trying to create a sandbox for Python. It is based on a earlier project called, written by Tav in february 2009. pysandbox uses different security models to get the best … Continue reading

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The IPy Python module moved to

In October 2010, I moved the IPy Python module (Python class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks) from my (old) company website to I did that to accept more easily new contributions (github is … Continue reading

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Development of the Hachoir project in 2010

The 20th January 2010, one year and four months after the previous major version, I published the version 1.3 of the Hachoir project (core, parser and metadata). I also published later some minor bugfix releases (of the different modules), and … Continue reading

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