The IPy Python module moved to

In October 2010, I moved the IPy Python module (Python class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks) from my (old) company website to I did that to accept more easily new contributions (github is open to anyone, and git allows forks), and to get a working bug tracker (the bug tracker is broken since some months ago).

If I remember correctly, I used git-svn to convert the whole historic from Subversion to git, with the following tutorial: How to convert from Subversion to Git. Now I use directly git.

I published IPy 0.71 at the same time. Since october, I am getting more bug reports and contributions. I suppose that it is related to the migration to github, and so it is positive. I will try to release a new version this month or next month to fix the last reported bug (IPv4-mapped IPv6 address reverseName() failure).

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