Development of the Hachoir project in 2010

The 20th January 2010, one year and four months after the previous major version, I published the version 1.3 of the Hachoir project (core, parser and metadata). I also published later some minor bugfix releases (of the different modules), and a minor release (of the parser and metadata modules) to support WebM (Google video format).

Main changes in Hachoir in 2010:

  • New Blizzard image (BLP), Palm resource (PRC) and WebM (format based on Matroska) parsers
  • JPEG recognize ICC profile chunks, Java gets a bytecode parser and supports JDK 1.6, and other minor improvements in different parsers
  • Add support of Windows codepages to parse Microsoft Office files
  • Add hachoir-metadata-qt: graphical interface (based on PyQt) to display metadata
  • hachoir-metadata program hides warnings by default
  • hachoir-core doesn’t replace sys.stdout and sys.stderr with a Unicode friendly object if the readline module is loaded, to avoid issues with ipython.
  • Use correctly distutils (create files) instead of using setuptools.

I am no more involved in/interested by the project, except to fix some minor bugs. But it looks like nneonneo is still active on the Mercurial repository.

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