I am looking for a C/Python developer position

I am looking for a home based developer position, if possible with free softwares. If you are looking for a C and Python expert (over 5 years experience), I’m your guy! I have been working at EdenWall Technologies for 5 years, in network security, first as a developer, then as project manager (team of six developers). I worked on the NuFW firewall (based on Netfilter) and many firewall configuration tools (managing the firewall rules, networks, VPN, web proxy, etc.).

I contributed to many open source projects, but lately I have been spending most of my hacking time on Python. For example, I fixed a lot of bugs related to Unicode in Python 3.2. Contributing to Python teaches me to work with a team of one hundred developers around the world (explain a solution, review patches, follow commits, etc.). Furthermore, it improves my coding skills in C and Python, and my skills in software quality (writing tests, follow buildbots, etc.).

I am also the author of several open source softwares. Fusil is a fuzzing library including twenty fuzzers. By using it, I found bugs and vulnerabilities in many free softwares (libc, FreeType, ClamAV, libexif, binutils, etc.). Faulthandler is a Python module that displays the traceback when a crash occurs, after a timeout or when a signal is received (SIGUSR1). It runs on all operating systems, from Python 2.5 to 3.3. I recently integrated this module directly into Python 3.3. See also my github and bitbucket profiles.

If you are interested by my profile, contact me by email: victor.stinner@haypocalc.com, I will be available starting July 11th. Have a look at my CV for futher details of my skills.

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  1. Brian says:

    Faulthandler is awesome and already helping in CPython. Someone give Victor a job!

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